It may be only in its infancy but the newly established Dromcollogher Community Council is well and truly up and running.

Last Thursday morning most of the groundwork in forming the Council was completed when the new body’s own distinctive logo was launched at the local Scoil Naomh Iosef National School.

The new logo came about following an art competition for its design and theme organised by the Community Council in conjunction with Scoil Naomh Iosef. All the school children were invited to participate in an art competition and come up with a design that the Community Council might use as their logo. All pupils in the school participated and submitted entries which the Community Council handed over to a graphic designer Vivienne Hennessy who following close examination came up with a design based on the strong features in the entries submitted.

She came up with a design of people with their hands joined depicting people and a community working together. The hazel tree which is symbolic in the area was incorporated and the dominant colours of the logo are black and yellow which are synonymous with Dromcollogher,

When the design was decided upon, it was found that two children Alex O’Dell and Saoirse McCarthy had come close to the design of the new logo and they are the winners of the competition. There were six runners up who had incorporated the decided theme in their entries.

Prizes were presented to the winners and the runners up by members of the Community Council at Scoil Naomh Iosef on Thursday morning.

Late in 2014 a group representing the Tidy Towns group in Dromcollogher met to discuss the town and ways it felt improvements could be brought about and it was decided that a Community Council would better serve what needed to be done.

Advice and mentoring was sought from West Limerick Resources and in February an open forum was held in the local hall, where those living and working in Dromcollogher were invited to attend to discuss what they felt was required to improve the town. Following this meeting ballot papers were issued to all residents and businesses in Dromcollogher from which nominations for candidates to join the Community Council were requested. These were returned in late March and from this the Community Council was formed.

On the 14th April the Dromcollogher Community Council held its first meeting. The main objectives of the Community Council is to further enhance the town, improve infrastructure from general repair works to the footpaths, roads and public lighting to develop the Square, providing pedestrian crossings, reduce speed of traffic through our town and becoming a voice for the residents and businesses.

The new Council are now busy working towards developing a five year plan and developing plans as to how to best deliver on it.

Ms. Nelly Noonan recently accepted an invitation to become Honorary President of the Community Council.