New Interactive Website Highlights Mallow’s Many Attractions

Catherine O'Regan, Mallow Development Partnership, with Tara Bolster and Lucy McDonnell at the launch of the new '' website. Pic, Sean Jefferies.

Catherine O’Regan, Mallow Development Partnership, with Tara Bolster and Lucy McDonnell at the launch of the new ‘’ website. Pic, Sean Jefferies.

The ‘Crossroads of Munster’ is now firmly on the map, following the launch this week of, an informative, interactive website for the north Cork town, managed by Mallow Development Partnership. Local attractions, things to do and see, advice on schools, healthcare services, housing, transport and other local administrative details are provided in an easy-to-access format.  For visitors to the town, there is detail of accommodation, where to eat, shopping and various local events and entertainment. The website also carries current local news and events listings along with links to social media feeds, offering the option to sign-up for an online newsletter for regular updates.
Backed by Cork County Council, local businesses and Mallow Chamber of Commerce, profiles businesses and services in the area as well as publicising networking and employment opportunities.  Current job vacancies are advertised and the practicalities of life and work in Mallow are outlined as an incentive to both individuals and business operators. The Mallow website highlights business start-up supports in the town, local services and workforce availability along with the transport and infrastructure advantages.
Catherine O’Regan, Project Co-ordinator with Mallow Development Partnership, says that will be a useful resource for locals and visitors alike. “Mallow has a proactive, cohesive community and the local administration, business community and voluntary groups all work well together to ensure the continued growth and development of local services and amenities. Apart from our own community, we are a proud and welcoming town and very encouraged by increasing visitor numbers who similarly appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and the tourism offering, from shopping, to eating out, to family entertainment,” she says.
The thriving Cork town is also celebrating acknow-ledgement of its urban design planning.  Phase 1 of the Mallow Urban Design Masterplan, based around Thomas Davis Plaza, has been voted third best Architecture Project of 2016 at Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland Public Choice Awards.
Jim Barry, Managing Director of the Barry Group, a major employer in the town for over sixty years, says that local business, community and statutory bodies are to be credited for consistent focus and practical initiative to secure the economic, social and environmental develop-ment of Mallow and the surrounding areas. “People in the town actively engage with the local authorities and they’re prepared to get involved and support the town’s development plans. From the community groups, to business interests, like so many things in life, it is amazing what can be achieved with a bit of positivity, co-operation and effort,” the local businessman said at the launch of
Mallow Development Partnership is a voluntary organisation funded by Cork County Council and local businesses.  It’s main board and management committee oversees development projects in the areas of infrastructure, industry, business, com-munity, arts, tourism, heritage, sustainable development and innovation.