The official unveiling of the monument depicting the Ardagh Hoard takes place on Saturday August 30th at 8.10pm with a blessing by Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy at St. Molua’s Church, Ardagh.

Two locals, Jim Quinn and Paddy Flanagan, were digging a potato field on 17th September 1868 on the south-western side of a ring fort Reerasta, a few hundred yards from the village, when they unearthed one of Ireland’s iconic treasures, the Ardagh Chalice, covered by a flagstone. The pair also discovered a second chalice and four brooches that are now commonly referred to as the Ardagh Hoard.

A committee has been working on a project for some months to suitably commemorate the find, and on Sunday a monument will be unveiled. An engraved stone by Jack McKenna will form the centrepiece of a much bigger monument which will stand six feet tall and will be made of limestone.

A number of celebrations are planned for Saturday evening to coincide with the official unveiling, the timetable for which is as follows:

7.30pm – Mass at St. Molua’s Church, Ardagh with Bishop Leahy of Limerick.

8.10pm – Unveiling of the monument at St. Molua’s Churchyard.

8.30pm – Lecture by Damien Shiels on the Ardagh Chalice at the Hall, Ardagh.

9.30pm – Refreshments served at the Hall.

10pm – Traditional music night at Neary’s Bar, Ardagh. All are welcome.

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