The opening of the poly tunnel at Rathfredagh Cheshire Home was the culmination of 9 months of endeavours in which it was envisaged that the tunnel would provide new life and new hope for the residents in Rathfredagh Cheshire Home. The tunnel aims to provide residents with a multi-sensory environment, a relaxing space and therapy space where people can work with their hands while growing organic food and assisting in making the kitchen in Rathfredagh self suffi-cient. It is also their intention to sell the produce from the tunnel to the local community as an enterprise. Back in 2011, Loudi Lammers, Brigid Madigan and Mary Angela Downes came together and dreamt a dream of having a poly tunnel in Rathfredagh. The in-depth knowledge and experience of Loudi Lammers from her many years in organic gardening and coming from a horticulture background gave the project a huge head start. Brigid Madi-gan, also a unique and wonderful person, was an invaluable asset in ensur-ing the realisation of the tunnel. Her knowledge and assistance available to Rathfredagh through local agencies and bodies and her forthright manner and initiative has ensured that this tunnel came to its new home, at no expense to Cheshire Ireland. Indeed, that assistance and even now in the most challenging of times from local agencies just shows us country folk the valua-ble assets of community development through funding from local and national government. West Limerick Resources, TÚS and FÁS, through their representatives on the ground, ensured that this poly tunnel was built to the highest spec to enhance the daily lives of the residents in Rathfre-dagh. Sincere thanks must go to Dearbhla Conlon, Tom Madigan and Shay Riordan of West Limerick Resources for providing funding for this project but a special word of thanks must go to Dear-bhla for her invaluable support and assistance throughout and for ensuring all deadlines were met. Thanks to Mary Murphy and Gerard Meehan of the TUS office in Newcastle West who provided 2 TÚS workers Mark Daly and Patrick. Mark and Patrick have worked tirelessly since they arrived last Septem-ber. Thanks to the FÁS workers for their services, reliability and top class workmanship, to Gerard McCoy and his mainten-ance staff Tom O’Sulli-van, Charlie Kelly, Denis O’Donovan, John Hart-nett, Stephen Sheehan and Pat Sheehan, sincere thanks to you all. To Michael Moran and Pat Hannon who have just left the scheme, we want to remember them also for their great work and contribution to the tunnel.