Painting A Language…….Caint Láidir

An exhibition of paintings by Helena McMahon at the Gallery, Foynes Library was officially opened last Thursday night by poet and writer Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

This exhibition is a must see, it is full on. In the 18 pieces on view the artist tempts you to take a look, enjoy, think, be pleased, be sad, be mesmerised. It is evocative, imaginative, soulful and a gift to be viewed.

From the representations of the mighty sea at the Bridges of Ross, to the soulful horse; the beguiling Kerry cloudscapes and the wet sands of Fanore through to the close up petals of poppy, hydrangea and more, you are treated to a myriad of life images all in the one show.

The artist takes time to throw in a political statement in two pieces where she comments on the state of our nation through the images of the horse and young people, truly touching a nerve and presenting an interesting visual political comment.

In his opening address Gabriel Fitzmaurice said there was no need to introduce Helena McMahon to a Limerick audience as she has been “an essential part of the fabric of the area for a long time now. She is a superb artist and a gifted teacher. But more than that she is a ‘bean láidir’, a strong woman whose leadership has made a difference” he continued “In this exhibition how delightfully she shows us her world. This is a world full of colour and light. It is a show full of hope. She shows us the blues amongst the brighter colours, the gol amidst the gáire, the tears amidst the laughter” Gabriel commented on the fact that the artist had not only shown us paintings but she has also given us her thoughts in words to accompany each one, these give us even more food for thought. He quoted a piece from one of Helena’s paintings where she commented that “one of us always keep some of us standing” and he said “That is the function of the bean láidir and the fear láidir” There was particular mention for the piece “Out the back again” he commented it reminded him of “Cul an Tí” by Seán O’Ríordáin the first line being “ Tá Tír na nóg ar chúl an tí”

Come and see for yourself.

Visit to view a full catalogue of this artists work.

The exhibition runs for the month of November viewing during library opening hours. Monday closed; Tuesday 10am to 12.30pm, 2.30pm to 5pm; Wednesday 10am to 12.30pm, 4pm to 8pm; Thursday 10am to 12.30pm, 2.30pm to 5pm; Friday 10am to 12.30pm, 4pm to 8pm; Saturday closed.