Patrician Academy Student Council 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition

The Patrician Academy is this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the school’s student council, and last Thursday there was an official launch of a50th anniversary art exhibition. Pictured at the launch are Principal Elaine O’Regan (right), Deputy Principal Jer Holland (left), special guest John Lucey (2nd from left), art teacher Regina Glynn, former Student Council President Eoghan Kenny, and members of the current Student Council.

The 50th anniversary of the Patrician Academy Student Council was marked by the launch of an art exhibition in the school last Thursday, an event attended by the Principal, Deputy Principal, past and present members of the Student Council, and special guest John Lucey was among the speakers at the launch of special 50th anniversary murals.
In his speech, John Lucey looked forward to the years ahead and the potential contribution the Student Council might make. “One thing that stands out to me as I observe this wonderful mural is the concern that the Academy students hold for one another and for others less fortunate in society – it is a true measure of the Catholic Faith that we profess. This Mural is a recorded spirit that makes the Academy special.,” he said. “Today, more than ever before, society calls for that spirit of giving and leadership. As members of the Council, you have been elected to leadership – some of you because of peer popularity, others landed in it because nobody else would do it – either way you are in the privileged position of leadership.”
“As a council, be courageous enough to look beyond your comfort zone and reach out in your youth to lives beyond ‘self’. As leaders, reflect, be courageous and act. This is what leadership is all about, going outside your comfort zone and stating openly and debating if needs be, in support of your beliefs,” he said.