Patrician Academy will reopen as planned on August 25th

There has been an outpouring of sympathy since news broke about the fire which engulfed a section of the Patrician Academy last Wednesday morning, but the good news is that the school will reopen as planned on Thursday 25th August.
The fire destroyed a number of specialist rooms and classrooms at the Academy, but Principal Ms Catherine Fitzpatrick said this week “The fire has been shocking and devastating for all members of the school community, but alternative arrangements will be put in place to allow the school to reopen at the end of August.”
The Board of Management is currently considering various options for alternative accommoda-tion, and staff, parents and guardians will be kept informed of arrangements, she added.
Ms Fitzpatrick thanked the Fire Services, Gardaí and school caretakers who attended the scene, and she also expressed appreciation to all those in the local and wider community who contacted the school to offer help and support.