There was a very pleasant function in Broadford NS last Friday to mark the retirement of Peggy O’Brien. Presentations were made by various bodies to Peggy and the cake was a major hit with the pupils. Following is the address by Peggy to those assembled for the occasion:

Some children were wondering if I was going to take the activities and games when I retired. I reassured them that I wouldn’t and that they belonged to the school. Thanks to all the Boards of Management down through the years, and to Garry it was a well resourced and cosy support room, the envy of many.

There was one item which I took home a few days ago however, in case I’d forget- the brown teddy we called Ginger, which was of sentimental value to the person who loaned him to me. Like the teddy, I hope I helped the children both inside and on the yard and brought them some comfort.

Thank you for your good wishes, gifts and cards many of which had butterflies – coincidence or otherwise as they symbolise change. I am always telling my students to embrace change, like it or not. It would be a dull and boring world if nothing ever changed – think of the ugly duckling and the caterpillar! This school has changed a lot as Mrs. Barry has said, and will continue to do so- not that it ever was an ugly duckling!

I’ll miss you much more than you’ll miss me. In a few days if my name comes up, you’ll be asking Mrs. Who? There’s one person who was glad to hear the news of my retirement and that’s Mrs. O’ Mahony as she has now been made permanent. I’ve had a long and very fulfilling career and I wish her the same.

My time here went very quickly and I leave with many happy memories. The month of September, and today alone even, sums it up – children glad to be with their friends, playing outside in the sun, or working hard under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, the halls ringing with the sound of their singing and the school looking good as usual thanks to Garry. Deirdre our secretary’s here fulfilling her many roles, although mind you – during the month of September I don’t think I had to call on her IT expertise at all, which was highly unusual, but the day isn’t over yet Deirdre!

I see Ann Brosnan is here today. When I came here in 2000 her daughter Marion was in infants and I remember the blossoms from the cherry trees getting caught in her curls. The trees used to be where the set-down area is now. She would be in Leaving Cert. year now, I’d say? Today her brother Timmy, being the eldest in the school, made a presentation with the youngest pupil!

I’m glad to have the opportunity to wish the pupils, their parents, the staff and Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire every success in the future. Thank you for the happy memories.