Pride in home place is clear in Mallow estates

Pride in your home place is clear in the estates around Mallow. From freshly-planted flowers to swept paths and weed free flower beds, the sunny weather has brought to life the hard work that is being carried out in the local authority estates under the umbrella of Mallow Estates Development Association. These are Sandfield Estate, Seán Moylan Park, Woodview Drive, Forest View and Oak Valley. Much work has been carried out in Sandfield Estate, Seán Moylan Park and Forest View this year where a colourful array of flowers has been planted recently, with plans for further landscaping and mainten-ance in Oak Valley this year. Woodview Drive benefitted from the planting of trees and shrubs last year, with daffodils also set during this time to bring a brush of colour to the estate during the spring. A continuous effort is needed to ensure that estates maintain a clean and vibrant appearance where people are proud to live. It is clearly not enough just to plant flowers and shrubs; they need to be maintained and estates need constant attention to ensure that litter and debris are collected and properly disposed of. The changing seasons also mean that manpower is constantly needed. A strong effort is made by many local residents in all of the estates, who take much delight and give much of their own time in ensuring their estates are pleasant places to live. Their ongoing efforts are not only commendable but an example to many. Such residents are assisted in their endeavours by Tús workers who are placed to work with Mallow Estates Development Association by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership, the local development company which proudly manages the Tús Community Work Placement scheme. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership is delighted to assist with community enhancement and mainten-ance in any way that is feasibly possible. In this vein the company was delighted to not only provide workers to man the local authority estates in Mallow and has also sponsored flowers which are pleasantly blooming in Sandfield Estate, Seán Moylan Park, Woodview Drive and Forest View. All flowers, compost and shrubs purchased by Avondhu Blackwater Partnership were sourced locally at Joyce’s Garden Centre, in keeping with the ethos ‘Buy Local’. Much work has been done but there is always more to do, therefore the assistance of the committed Tús workers, local residents and ongoing support from Avondhu Blackwater Partnership will ensure that our estates in Mallow are not only pleasant places to live and to be proud of, but also beautiful homes throughout the changing seasons. Much appreciation is therefore extended to all those involved in these endeavours.