A publication ‘Kilmallock 100’, a photographic coll-ection recalling the life in the town and parish will be launched on next Monday evening. The collection recaptures the long social, cultural and sporting life of the area in photographs, many dating back to the first half of the last century.

The work of a dedicated committee of three, Michael Kelly, chairperson, Billy Mulcahy, secretary and Eamonn O’Riordan treasurer, the collection was painstakingly com-piled over the last two years.

The whole idea for publishing the collection was spawned after the Kilmallock 100 committee held two very successful photographic exhibitions a couple of years ago and which provoked a huge response from the public “The two exhibitions went very well and we got the idea. It was a lot bigger than we first thought and we are hoping that it will be a success. It is a history of Kilmallock in photo-graphs and while it says Kilmallock 100, some of the photographs are going back further. There is a lot of history in Kilmallock and it is recaptured in the book” explained Michael Kelly.

According to Eamonn O’Riordan the collection contains over 500 photo-graphs and includes two coloured sections which are very appealing. “The publication is a history of the social, cultural and sporting life of Kilmallock be it weddings, funerals, the character and characters of Kilmallock, it is all in it. Much of the material in the book has not been seen before so we hope that it will evoke memories for people, there is a fascin-ation for people leafing through a book with photographs,” he said.

1,000 books have been printed, 750 paperback and a limited edition of 250 only of hardback. “The paperback editions will be on sale at €20 while the hardback will be €30. The hardback is a limited edition and no more, that is all of those that we are going to print,” Billy Mulcahy stressed.

The launch of ‘Kilmallock 100’ will take place on next Monday evening December 10th at Deebert House Hotel at 8.00 p.m. It will be a launch with a difference in that normally at book launches, there is an author, on this occasion there is no author, it is a compilation of photographs supplied by the public and put together by the three man Kilmallock 100 com-mittee. Everybody welcome.