A special congratulations to all members from the Intermediate and Senior classes from Pyramid Gymnastics Club after a very successful competition in Galway last weekend.

34 members of the club travelled to Galway to compete at a friendly acrobatics event against 5 other clubs from around Ireland.

This competition was the first time out for the majority of our Inter-mediate gymnasts and the coaches were so proud of how well they did. Our grade 1 pairs stole the show taking gold, silver and bronze medals ahead of all the other gymnasts in this category.

Our top scoring pair of Jenny O’Gorman and Lucy Lynch performed with such poise and grace. They were an absolute delight to watch. The girls were the most deserving of the gold medal in the Grade 2 category followed behind by teammates Iva Kalesnikaite and Kayleigh O’Connor to take a tied silver with members from a West Cork club. Our youngest competitor of the day was Holly Harris partnered with Lauren Sheehan. A fantastic performance from both girls for a bronze medal to complete the grade 2 section.

Our senior gymnasts competed in the Grade 3, 4 and 5 categories and came up trumps in the Grade 4 pairs and trios.

Well done to all gymnasts involved.

Grade 1:

Niamh O’Donovan and Grave Weaver – Gold.

Tori O’Regan and Nicole Sheehan – Silver.

Lauren O’Kane and Aoife Lehane – Bronze.

Grade 2:

Jenny O’Gorman and Lucy Lynch – Gold.

Iva Kalesnikaite and Kayleigh O’Connor- Silver.

Lauren Sheehan and Holly Harris – Bronze.

Niamh Cronin and Ava Darcy – 4th.

Grade 3:

Sarah O’Brien, Emily Kelly, Chloe Savage, Carol Healy , Kira Gould, Amy O’Donoghue.

Grade 4:

Lucy Lynch and Emma Hassett – Gold.

Sinead Looney and Zara O’Hanlon – 4th.

Kellianne O’Callaghan, Ciara O’Callaghan, Alli Fitzpatrick – Silver.

Noelle Glynn, Michaela Sheehan, Ava Hanrahan.

Grade 5:

Michelle Nagle, Emma Fitzpatrick, Anna Ryan – Gold.