There is some light at the end of the tunnel this week for the long drawn out saga that is the appalling and dangerous condition of Buttevant’s Main St.

Following a flying visit to the town last Saturday morning by the Minster for Transport, Tourism and Sport, it has been announced that €2 million has been allocated to carry out vital re-alignment work.

Buttevant Community Council have been to the fore for almost two years in campaigning to have the re-alignment works done. After plans were prepared by Cork County Council last year for the works which in total are estimated to cost up to €4 million, the National Roads Authority subsequently excluded the project for funding in the current year.

The change of heart has received a broad welcome, none more so than from the Community Council who were beginning to despair of the project ever going ahead. A statement on receipt of the news this week said, “The officers and hardworking commi-ttee of the Community Council with the help and relevant expertise of local Councillor Tom Sheahan, were ever adamant in the pursuit of their goal. All the tiresome, and prolonged meetings, correspondence, phone calls and lobbying seems to have paid off, to some extent even if only with a reduced amount of funding, at present. The old adage could be applied here in that half a loaf is better than no bread.”

There are a number of conditions governing the expenditure of the €2 million, the most significant being that Cork County Council make all efforts to ensure that any services including Irish Water both under and over ground, either proposed or requiring upgrading, are dealt with before the new pavement is put in place. A further condition that at least 50% of the funding is spent in 2014 is also welcome, as it means that the work will get under way quickly.

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