Relief road/Greenway can be a real game-changer for the Mallow area

News that an announce-ment is expected regarding funding for the Mallow Relief Road has prompted the following statement from Mallow Relief Road Alliance.
“The shock decision in February 2023 to pull funding for the Mallow Relief Road sparked an immediate response from all political, business and community representatives in the wider Mallow area.
“It was clear from the outset that this was a political decision and could only be resolved at Government level and specifically at Department of Transport level.
“The Mallow Relief Road Alliance was established and produced a very comprehensive document which formed the basis of a widespread campaign still ongoing, to have funding restored and enable Cork County Council to progress to planning.
“This 20-page document was given to all political representatives met or written to during the year long campaign. While making the case for the Relief Road, it can also be the basis of a blueprint for Mallow’s future development. This document can be viewed/accessed on website or on Mallow Development Partnership and Mallow Chamber Facebook pages.
“With the full support of all constituency TDs, contacts were made with Government Represen-tatives throughout the Cork region and further afield to ensure that Minister Eamon Ryan was fully briefed on the importance of this project so crucial to the regeneration of the Town and its wider region.
“The Mallow Relief Road will not solve all Mallow’s traffic problems, but it will take the heavy transport off the main street, opening up the Town for the benefit of businesses and residents alike. The hundreds of school goer’s daily crossing the narrow streets will feel that much safer and crucially, air quality will improve by up to fifty percent.
These are just some of the economic and environ-mental benefits of the Relief Road which meets many of the Climate Change Criteria.
“Also, the proposals for a Greenway which accompany the road can be a real game-changer for Mallow and North Cork. The first segment of the Mallow to Dungarvan Greenway is from Mallow to Fermoy taking in the scenic villages of Killavullen, Castletown-roche and Ballyhooley.
“The proposed start in the pivotal Mallow Train Station would see the whole region opened up, allowing locals and visitors alike to hop off the trains and buses and experience the rich history and culture of the beautiful Blackwater Valley. Iconic places such as Mallow Castle, Doneraile Park and Annesgrove Gardens all now in public ownership, can be explored and enjoyed while ancient sites such as the Viaduct at Carraig and Bridgetown Abbey, all make for a high-quality sustainable tourism product.

John McDonnell of Mallow Development Partnership
Estelle Varney, President, Mallow Chamber of Commerce
On behalf of the Mallow Relief Road Alliance