Sherlock confident that Carhookeal will be acquired for public ownership

Minister of State Seán Sherlock this week expressed confidence that Carhookeal will be acquired by Cork County Council. The minister, who has been part of discussions in relation to the former GAA site, said it was believed that NAMA have been in discussion with the council with a view to the council acquiring the site and that a price has now been agreed.

“We’re all aware of the great work that Mallow Rugby Club is doing on the site,” said the min-ister. “I am confident that when local coun-cillors rubber stamp the sale, due recognition will be given to the value of the site as a sporting amenity. No plans have been devised by Cork County Council at this stage. However, there is scope to acknowledge the important role that Mallow Rugby Club plays in utilising the site, and I am confident that that will continue.

“It is important to recognise that when the site is acquired, Cork County Council may need to engage with a number of organisations and clubs so as to maximise its use and provide a cost-benefit analysis of its potential as a sporting and public amenity. I am sure that that will happen when the time is right.

“In general terms, it would be important for us to look at the needs of Mallow United FC, particularly from the point of view of their underage set-up.

“The most important point is that the man-agement of Cork County Council has recognised the potential of the site to add value in terms of providing for a healthier community,” he con-cluded.