Slí Eile goes from strength to strength By Helen Broderick

Volunteers and workers at Slí Eile’s farm.

Calling all lovers of locally produced, organic food and market-goers. Saturday April 6th is the first of the new year’s market dates in the beautiful setting of Burton Park, Churchtown, County Cork. Personally, I can’t wait as I love the produce, the people and the place itself. I was fortunate enough to have been able to grace my Christmas Day dinner table with their tasty potatoes, onions, salad greens, beetroots, celeriac and more. What a treat it was to know that not only was I providing the very best for my diners, but also that I was supporting a most worthy organisation. Slí Eile’s work with people struggling with issues is remarkable and warrants the admiration and support of all who have come to know the organisation.
Last Thursday the community Farm of Slí Eile had a volunteering group from Charleville, Referral Partners, helping out with the spring planting of onions. Other companies like Johnson & Johnson, Stryker (Carrigtwohill), Jansen Dublin and many volunteer groups and individual went to Slí Eile to join in a team building effort, helping with the gardening and doing whatever was possible for the organisation.
There are a lot of activities planned for the Saturday Market, increased stallholders, kiddies’ activities, increasing food offerings and several bigger events planned to coincide with times of the year, like an Easter egg hunt, seed planting workshops for young children, and anyone with wants to participate, family picnic days and much more. Keep up to date with all their latest news on Facebook @slieile.
Their new biodegradable bags are proving to be very popular with customers, and a new range of colourful labels are currently at the final design stage and will be revealed very soon. Sherlyn Coleman from Ballyhea is the fantastic artist behind the creative process for the labels and Slí Eile is so grateful to have Sherlyn and all her family as part of their growing team of local volunteers. It’s also good to know that the organisation is paying heed to environmental needs at a time when Ireland is facing a challenge from European Environmental departments.
Support for the Saturday morning market is growing and is much appreciated. It’s a no-brainer really. If value for money, and the best available local organic produce is what your looking for, look no further than Slí Eile.