SMI Newcastle West Notes – Transition Year

Transition year students at SMI began their new term with a memorable trip to The Desmond Castle in the square, Newcastle West. They were accompanied by their teachers Mrs. Hogan (TY coordinator) and Mr. Crowley. Many of the students pass by this majestic castle without paying it too much attention, this was set to change however when the group met Mr. Denis O Sullivan their tour guide. The students were enthralled by the knowledge, antidotes and passion of Mr. O Sullivan. The visit to the crow’s nest of the castle offered a birds eye views of the town and the group were encourage to image what life would have been like during the Fitzgerald ear and indeed what our town looked like many hundreds of years ago. The students got a riveting insight into life during Norman times. Certainly a instance of history brought to live. We can safely say that our transition year students will be looking at our castle with a new outlook.