Speakeasy Toastmasters Competition Night

Noel O’Connor was acting president for this week’s meeting. Tony O’Regan was our contest chair for the Humorous Speech Contest and Impromptu Public Speaking Competition. Anne Buckley took the role of chief judge. It took two time-keepers in the form of David Roche and Anne O’Donovan to watch the clock. Michael Cronin won the Humorous Speech Contest with a speech titled ‘Divine Intervention’. In his youth, Michael had a fondness for lighting the altar candles, and over-enthusiasm resulted in a slightly-blackened altar cloth and lack of  height obscured his beautiful hairstyle when reading from  the  pulpit . Michael’s career as an altar boy was anything but dull.

Second place went to ‘Spot the Difference’ by Brendan  Foley which  compared the  dentist and  the NCT Centre. His description of the  dentist’s drill would create a fear of  dental care in the  stoutest of  hearts. The NCT is similarly an exercise in guilt and fear for Brendan who watches in terror as  his  car  under  goes open  heart surgery.

Mary Moynihan delivered a speech entitled, ‘What Possessed Me?’ This question was brought on by an outfit for a wedding. A pair of shoes which were too small and an altered dress were the cause of this self-questioning. On-site dress alterations with a scissors resulted in 4-inch hole under her arm. All in all, a dramatic wedding.

Rona Coghlan shared her experience of lunatics in her speech on lunacy. The suitability of a pair of pink fluffy singing slippers as a gift for a man was in serious doubt, according to this speaker.

‘Samantha And The Lucky Fairy’ was a cautionary tale from Claire O’Con-nell. Samantha was a gorgeous girl who decided to take up  fairy hunting as  a hobby. Successful fairy hunting resulted in a new job for Beanie the  fairy, and Samantha learned the  importance of giving very exact instructions to your  employees.

The Impromptu Public Speaking Competition was won by Michael Cronin on the  topic of ‘My Happiest Childhood Memories’. Second place went to Pat Sexton. Check in next week to find out what they said!

The Area Final is on in Mitchelstown on Tuesday, 14th October. 

The next meeting will be held next Thursday, 16th October. Speakeasy Toastmasters meet every second Thursday at the Hibernan Hotel at 8pm sharp. Contact Marie Lyons on 087 9746947 or Liam Flynn on 0876380053, or go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com