St. Joseph’s ‘Cycle, Walk, Run’ returns by popular demand!

St Joseph’s Foundation announced this week that the popular ‘Cycle, Walk, Run’ fundraiser organised by staff at the Charleville facility will take place on Sunday 14th September, from the campus on Baker’s Road.

It’s back for the third year running, following the 2013 event which was a huge success and a great fun day out for all the family. The funds raised last year were used for respite facilities at St. Joseph’s which were greatly needed. Money raised this year will be used for transport facilities.

The Cycle, Walk, Run committee at St. Joseph’s Foundation would like to thank all participants for their support and enthu-siasm over the last two years, and to remind everyone of the benefits attached to this annual festival of fun, promoting healthy living through exercise, community participation, and boosting overall morale both within and outside of the Foundation.

So start training now for the St. Joseph’s Founda-tion, Cycle, Walk, Run on Sunday, 14th September!