St. Patrick’s Boys N.S., Mallow Commemorates Titanic Centenary

Observers wondered if they had been transported back in time when they saw the boys of St. Patrick’s Boys N.S. last Friday dressed in knee length breeches, collarless grandfather shirts, waistcoats and tweed caps. Equally mesmerising was the sight of their teachers, elegantly attired in dainty lace and chiffon with extravagant trim, wide brimmed hats adorned with feathers, long white gloves and exquisite pearls. Not to be outdone, the male teachers dooned 1912 style fashion, led by the gallant figure of Captain Smith (aka Seán Horgan, Principal of St. Patrick’s.

At noon Captain Smith led his passengers and crew on a commemorative walk through the Main Street of Mallow. They stopped for a few minutes, stretching 269 metres (the length of the ill-fated Titanic ship) from the front door of the school to the end of O’Brien Street, much to the curiosity of locals. Earlier that week, each boy was given a reproduction Titantic ticket with the name of a particular passenger, whom they remembered in a special prayer service at school assembly on Friday morning. This commemoration was warmly received by all, especially the parents of the boys who had gathered at the school gates to welcome them back. Jason Coakley, sixth class, commented that this was an experience he would never forget.