Students are learning to earn!

Almost 9,000 secondary school students nationwide will learn about topics such as financial planning and budgeting, credit, saving and investing, insurance and how to protect from identity theft and fraud as they take part in Bank of Ireland’s unique financial literacy programme, Learn to Earn, designed in partnership with Junior Achievement Ireland.  Recently a TY class in Davis College took part in the programme, which was taught by Una Brosnan and Jennifer Browne, Bank of Ireland (Mallow) business volunteers. The six-week programme is taught by specially trained Bank of Ireland volunteers in the classroom using board-games, quizzes and hands-on learning activities that promote good financial habits that the students can carry forward into adulthood.

Ms Colette O’Callaghan, teacher in Davis College commented “We were thrilled once again to receive the Learn to Earn programme this year. It is an excellent programme that really gets the students to think about financial literacy. It is an interactive programme where the students get to practice all the theory introduced by the Bank of Ireland volunteers.” This initiative is part of Junior Achievement Ireland’s overall objective to teach young people about the world of work, financial literacy and encourage them to remain in education.  Junior Achievement delivers its programmes through partnering with business volunteers from local organisations to make the experience more relevant and motivating for participants.