Tarbert School Exhibition Success

Tomás Culhane from Glin and Ciarán Healy from Lyreacrompane, Listowel, students attending Tarbert Comprehensive School, were highly commended for their unique, innovative project at The BT Young Scientists Exhibition. The students were awarded a Highly-Commended Ribbon and a Display Award Ribbon for their exhibit.
Tomás and Ciarán became acutely aware of the dramatic loss in the transmission of a regular current in electric fences that are a vital practical device utilised by the farming community.
As a problem arises due to the contact of growing vegetation with an electric fence, the young men worked on an innovative means of keeping the loss of current to the lowest possible level.
Consequently, after many long hours of experi-mentation and research, the students have success-fully designed an electric fence which manifests a dramatic reduction in the loss of current.
Ciarán and Tomás would be delighted to give a demonstration of the exhibit to interested parties.