We would like to thank everybody who bought tickets, sponsored a spot prize, or supported our fundraising effort for the Tierney family Barna. When we started the fund- raising we had our doubts about its success, given the controversy over charities, and the difficult times we have at the moment. We need not have worried, the tickets were printed, and we set out knocking at doors to sell them. We were met with kindness, genorisity, and a genuine concern and interest in Martina’s health. On Easter Saturday we sold in the Square Newcastle West, Easter Monday saw us at Kilmallock Mart and it was the same response, amazing. People would always ask after Martina. I don’t think any of us met with negativity. On Friday we sold the last of the tickets at Dooley’s SuperValu on the day of the dance at the Devon Inn, and doubts set in again, it was a beautiful day there was lots going on, would there be many at the dance? Once again the good people shone true, the crowd was phenomenal, music by Maura and Donie was fantastic. Put simply it was a great night. Liam Tierney gave an honest, frank, and moving speech. He spoke of living with MS for the past 16 years. We wish Martina, Liam, sons Cian and Liam the best in the future. Hopefully our fundraising will help in some small way. We don’t have a final figure yet as some tickets have not been returned. Thanks to all at the Weekly Observer for your support and coverage.

A very special thanks to the young people who helped selling tickets etc, You were an inspiration. Once again to everybody a heartfelt thanks.