Tip O’Neill lecture

Senator Mark Daly with members of Mallow Field Club at the Tip O'Neill Lecture in the Arches last week.

Senator Mark Daly with members of Mallow Field Club at the Tip O’Neill Lecture in the Arches last week.

The Tip O’Neill lecture held at the Arches at 8 pm on Tuesday, 19th January, was well attended. It was held under the auspices of Mallow Field Club and all were welcomed by chairperson Helen O’Connell and her committee. Senator Mark Daly gave the lecture on the night. Mark had met Tip O’Neill’s daughter Rosemary at Mallow Library last September and has met Tom O’Neill and other members of the family in the US. What was clear from the lecture was the great love, respect and admiration that Mark has for Tip O’Neill, and the manner of the lecture was such that we could have stayed all night. He had done great research. In appreciation, Mehaul Magner from the Field Club committee made a presentation of the Field Club Journal to Mark.

During the night, an e-mail from Rosemary O’Neill was read to the attendance, as follows; ‘On behalf of the family of former Speaker Thomas P. ‘Tip’ O’Neill, I would like to thank Mark Daly and the organisers for arranging tonight’s remarks on Dad’s work with Ireland. Ireland held a special place in his heart, and he remembered with fondness his many remarkable journeys to Cork in Ireland. History placed him in a time and space where he sought to be helpful in promoting peace and employment in Ireland and Northern Ireland. My only regret about this evening is that I will not be able to join you. With sincere best wishes, Rosemary O’Neill’

All appreciated the presence at the meeting of our County Mayor John Paul O’Shea who also made a contribution. As County mayor, John Paul had led a delegation to Boston and Cambridge last December, and spent some time with the O’Neill family.