Academic Achievement and Welcoming Atmosphere evident at Nagle Rice Secondary School, Doneraile Open Night

Parents and prospective first year students were warmly welcomed to Nagle Rice Secondary School by Principal Bríd Lysaght and Deputy Principal John Linehan on Thursday 29th November. In her address, Miss Lysaght reminded those gathered that the name Nagle Rice is a constant reminder of the legacy of two traditions of excellence in Doneraile – that of the Presentation Sisters and the Christian Brothers. In addressing the prospective parents and students at the beginning of the night, she stressed how Nagle Rice is proud to offer a very wide range of subjects in both junior and at senior cycle, including Applied Maths and Agricultural Science, offered free of charge after school on Wednesday afternoon.

The large crowd was entertained by the incredibly talented Doneraile Youth Choir who were at the time of the Open Night preparing to take part in RTÉ’s Carols from the Castle to be broadcast on RTÉ 1 on Christmas Eve. The immense pride of the school in its student ambassadors was very obvious in the fact that so many students participated so well in the open night and the warm community atmosphere was commented on by many.  Greeted then by friendly and knowledgeable student tour guides, the visitors were treated to an impressive and comprehensive tour of the school campus, including colourful displays in the History and Geography Departments.  As well as this, the prospective first years had the opportunity to take part in various competitions organ-ised by the Business Depar-tment and Student Council, sample freshly baked goodies in the Home Economics Department as well as viewing exciting experiments in the school’s large science department, as well as viewing a whole host of activities in the school’s large gym.  Of particular note was the impressive orienteering display, manned by two of the All-Ireland 2nd/3rd year Boys Schools Champions 2012 who were more than ready to explain this strong sporting tradition at Nagle Rice.  Pausing to view the extensive Woodwork, Technical Graphics and IT departments, parents and children had time to experience the peaceful, candlelit environment of the dedicated prayer room, and enjoy the funky and colour-ful, recently opened  Friend-ship Room / Seomra Caidrimh – a welcome relaxation and chill out space for students to use at break time.   Refresh-ments were served by the students, as parents had ample opportunity to ask more questions or simply chat.

Its academic excellence is certainly borne out in the fact that Nagle Rice Leaving Certs students (2012) had the distinction of ranking alongside just 14 other schools in cork city and County who achieved 100% placement in third level (according to the Irish Times Survey, November 2012). Given the fact that Nagle Rice is a small school without the resources of some of the larger schools in the private sector, this is a remarkable achievement. Sincere thanks to all those who attended the Open Night.