Blue Heart Campaign to #STOPtheheartache

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Young Social Innovator (YSI) students, have once again came up with an innovative idea to raise awareness about the cruel and evil topic of human trafficking. The students have launched a new social media campaign called #STOPtheheartache to successfully promote their Anti-Human Trafficking project. The 24 students are challenging people to simply draw a small blue heart on their hand and upload it to any social media website such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #STOPtheheartache and #antihumantrafficking before nominating others to do the same.

The blue heart symbol is internationally recognised as the image that promotes and raises awareness about the plight of human trafficking. The students have already received lots of encouragement and support for coming up with this innovative idea; with organisations such as the Global Freedom Network and Ruhama retweeting the blue heart. The students would really appreciate if people would get behind this great cause and show support for their blue heart campaign as the more people that take part, the more awareness it can raise! Join their campaign on Facebook: @stoptraffickingofpeople and/or Twitter: @Endthetraffick .