Clúid Housing Association brings local communities together for European Neighbours Day!

On Friday 1st June, young and older residents at Clúid’s housing scheme in Liosan Court, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, left their laptops, iPhones and Facbook behind for a cuppa with their neighbours! It’s all an effort to break the mould from online to a more traditional community, inspired by European Neighbour’s Day, an annual event held across Europe. Clúid Housing Association organised the event to invite all residents in the local community together. Clúid’s Regional Director in the South, Tim Porter, said “Neighbour’s Day is one day in the year when individuals of all ages can come together, get to know each other better, and enjoy their community at an informal celebration. In an age of online communities we are becoming more and more individual at the expense of becoming less and less involved in the local community. The social bonds that were there in the past are growing loose. This is leading to an increase in loneliness, especially among older people. Today is all about breaking that mould, back to the traditional community of neighbourliness. It’s a really simple concept about a simple gesture but it makes a massive difference to the neighbours in this community.” Clúid’s vision is a society where everyone has a great place to live. Clúid is heavily involved in community development projects around the country with the aim of empowering people to create thriving communities. Mr Porter added “ I am delighted to see the strength of community here in Newcastle West. Clúid has always been of the belief that our tenants are central to creating communities. We provide the housing; our tenants create the home and community.” Clúid organises a number of community projects in Co. Limerick and around the country every year in an effort to enable people to create thriving communities. Clúid is an innovative, independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides rented social housing in Co. Limerick and around the country. As well as providing housing, the charity works to enable people to create thriving communities. Clúid was established in 1994 and owns over 3500 houses and apartments across the country and manages another 1300 dwellings on behalf of others. As one of the biggest housing associations in Ireland, Clúid today plays a greater role than ever in actively getting people off the social housing waiting lists through the provision of good quality affordable housing.