Cork Author Releases His First Novel


Cork author Daniel Kaye is set to release his exciting first vampire dark fiction novel I, Vladimir on e-book tomorrow Friday 4th December, with the paperback edition date to be announced shortly.

Daniel Kaye has been living in Charleville for over ten years and signed a contract with New York based Gentry Publishing, not just for

I, Vladimir but also his second novel.

I, Vladimir

is Daniel’s first novel which begins during WW2 and tells the tale of the oldest living vampire, Vladimir. His struggles living alongside humans, which was sometimes more out of convenience than one of mutual understanding. “I’ve used a lot of historical facts and events in the novel.” Daniel took the novel away from his original plan and the story covers a period from 1939 to present date which Daniel describes as a chapter of Vladimir’s long life. “There’s something for everyone as the years pass by, love, betrayal, deception, and fantasy.”

One reader’s comment – “Historically, this is minutely documented, making it more realistic than fantasy.”

“I’ve been working on this for a number of years with both my publisher and editor. We really rewrote a lot from the original manuscript, changing character’s personalities and events. I’ve been very lucky to work with Gentry on this, the expertise they have was second to none, and I have learnt so much from them.”

Daniel’s writing experience goes back a few years. He has had numerous short stories published with the Evening Echo and in anthologies both in Ireland and the US. Recently he was honoured to be included in Endless Darkness from Short ’n’ Scary, a collection of short and scary stories. Daniel’s story The Borrowed Book was one of twenty-six stories chosen from over five thousand entries worldwide, and to say he was delighted is a bit of an understatement.

Daniel moved from his home in London to Cork, where both his parents are from, with his wife Tracey and their four children. “Cork is a better place to raise children and, of course, we’re closer to family.” Before writing became a full time passion, Daniel worked in the kitchen design industry. But in recent years that particular industry has suffered, along with so many more. So finding more time on his hands he decided to learn more about the craft of writing. “I feel I have learnt much about the writing process but in reality we are always learning and evolving as writers.”

Daniel spends most mornings in his local library in Charleville with other writers and feels that he is lucky to have this facility available to him, and the writers he works alongside of are a great inspiration.

At the moment Daniel is working on his second novel Anonymous Jack, which is a spin-off of

I, Vladimir but is set in Victorian times.

I, Vladimir is

available on e-book on Amazon from Friday 4th December.