Councillors claim locals want Mallow Plaza narrowed to allow for second traffic lane

A call to remove a section of the civic plaza to create a second traffic lane in front of the Main Street/Clock House junction in Mallow was made last week at a meeting of the Municipal District where two local councillors said that there was huge local support for an extra traffic lane so that traffic would move more freely.
Cllrs Gearóid Murphy and Tony O’Shea requested a council report on the proposal, and both claimed that there was huge local support for the idea of taking away a part of the plaza to reinstate the second traffic lane which was taken away during the construction of the plaza.
Cllr Murphy told the meeting that a Facebook comment last weekend on the traffic problems around the aforementioned plaza attracted 800 ‘likes’, and he added that it was clear from representations made to him and other councillors that the local authority should give the proposal consideration. Cllr Murphy went on to claim that council management had promised a full study of the matter in recent years, but it had never taken place, and he wanted this to take place as soon as possible.