Demi mural catches the eye!

Demi Isaac Oviawe of ‘Young Offenders’ fame is immortalised on a mural on Fair Street, under a Mallow Tidy Towns initiative to feature local characters on the town’s electricity boxes. Photo, S Murphy.

People passing by the laneway at the top of Fair Street in Mallow will have noticed a mural of local ‘Young Offenders’ star Demi Isaac Oviawe on an electricity box below the entrance to the Mercy Centre. The mural was created by artist Alan Hurley whose work can be seen outdoors all over Cork city, and he has been commissioned by Mallow Tidy Towns to do similar paintings of local ‘characters’ on electricity boxes all over Mallow. The time-scale for the work is not known, but keep an eye out for more paintings of local people in the coming weeks and months.