Frolicking, Rollicking Day in Tournafulla!


Tournafulla Community Council pulled out all the stops when they organised a day long event in the village as a fundraiser on Sunday last. This hard-working group set up the Community Shop some years back, which has proven to be invaluable within the parish, and are also responsible for the new school carpark. The group’s next project is a children’s community playground, and there’s no doubt that this will also be a resounding success, judging by the support its fundraising event was given on Sunday.
The day started with a children’s vehicle run, it was lovely to see children of all ages peddling their bikes, tractors, scooters, and many other types of self-propelled toys in a race to win a medal or a sweet treat. It was funnier still to witness many Dads pushing their children to the frontline.
The next event was the dog show, and the large amount of four legged canines, ranging in size from miniature to almost gigantic, was a testimony to their owner’s pride in them. They were dressed, washed, and groomed for the event. There were several categories in the dog show, and it’s fair to say that no puppy went home disappointed!
Upstairs in the Community Hall, children of all ages enjoyed a magic show, and art competition with Tommy Maloney, and a lively disco that ensured those little dancers would later have a good night’s sleep.
The Tournafulla Wrenboy batch took to the stage in the evening, delighting their audience. Wrenboy performances is a very strong tradition in the community, and after a two-year absence, it was a joy to hear the music, singing and see our dancers back in top form. The batch welcomed the addition of former Tournafulla musicians who returned to lend their support for the cause and enjoy a few tunes with their friends.
All the while, the Community Café was in operation, serving teas and refreshments, ably ran by local volunteers. Also, local Craft and Food stalls displayed their wares at the indoor market. Local bakers contributed to the ever popular ‘Home baking’ stall, and it was a sell-out success as always.
Much credit is due to the organisers of the event, the committee of the Community Council, the stewards who managed the races with diligence and safety, the volunteers who gave their day to helping, those who donated to the Community Raffle, the home baking stand, the hard workers in the kitchen, before, during and after the event, and many more. A shout out too to Peter O’Connor who set up all the mikes and sound systems and took on the role of Sound Engineer and MC on the day. The smooth running of each consecutive event was due to his professionalism, no doubt.
Laura Horgan of Tournafulla Community Council said “We would like to sincerely thank the people of Tournafulla and the surrounding area for making our Community Fair such a day to remember on Sunday last. The event was a huge success with over €3,500 raised for our Community Playground. Success that was achieved by an overwhelming display of community effort on the day.
Preparations began during the week with bunting and flags lining and colouring the village, a dedicated team of cleaners and organisers gathered on Saturday and worked well into the evening to prepare our fine community centre for the fair.  Home bakers were extremely busy and did not disappoint on the day with beautiful, sweet treats for all to enjoy over a cuppa and a chat in the community café which was so well run by the fantastic team of ladies there.   Our wonderful Dee arrived early on Sunday with trays of the best bakes money can buy from Marguerites Bakery.  Tasty soups and delicious sandwiches provided much needED sustenance for shoppers and visitors, all prepared and donated by willing volunteers.
Peter O’Connor was outstanding as MC for the day, all equipment outside and inside was provided free of charge as well as music and a running commentary that kept the day on track and so very engaging.  Kathleen organised a wonderful Art Competition and our thanks to the staff and pupils of Glengurt N.S. for making this possible.  Liam Murphy of Greyhound and Pet World in Abbeyfeale did a superb job during the pet show and our thanks to all of the pet owners and of course our beautiful four legged and feathered friends for joining us on the day.
Local and not so local crafters arrived with their beautiful wares and delighted all shoppers with such talent and creativity.  Our thanks to Ronan and Margaret as always for all that you do for the community your support of the fair was no exception. The Tuck Shop and games stalls were ably run by volunteers and particular thanks to our young people for providing pancakes and face painting that went down so well with everyone.  There were so many raffle prizes donated that we still have some advertised on our Facebook page as they were unclaimed, so please visit the page to check your ticket and claim if you’re a winner! Our thanks also to Wards Waste Disposal for dropping empty bins and collecting full ones!
The Tournafulla Wrenboys were out in full force and the entertainment was outstanding.  Dancing, singing, music and more had us all tapping our feet, clapping and in good form.  Meanwhile our kiddies enjoyed magic and a showstopping Disco performance upstairs…they all slept well on Sunday night!
The stars of the day, though, had to be our vehicle run participants, the effort that went into decorating, cleaning, and preparing vehicles was just mind blowing, they were just a joy to watch and really enjoyed the run, our thanks also to the road marshals who ensured that the day was safe and appropriate for all.
Finally, the day was really a success because of those that visited, supported, encouraged, complimented, donated, and enjoyed every minute.  Thanks to everyone young and wise.  The people of Tournafulla should be very proud of this event, it was a really a community effort.  Looking forward to many more, le Cúnamh Dé.”
Two years is a long time without community engagement. What struck the most during the day was the immense joy and delight on the faces of friends who may not have met for a considerable length of time. All day long, people’s chatter and laughter could be heard, and it brought home to everyone just how much we’ve all missed days like this in our communities. Recently, we’ve lived only a half-life. We’ve kept in touch with events by phone, television, radio or through access to the internet. It’s no exaggeration to state that we’ve lived in a world of virtual reality during the pandemic. A day like Sunday last in the village of Tournafulla is evidence enough that to thrive and to prosper, a community needs people to be together to work, and socialise. The collective effort of a community to bring about positive change is all it takes to make any event a special day. Tournafulla has never been short on collective community effort. Well done to all involved and we look forward to the next event.