A new bridge installed recently at Killeedy Eco Park marks another major project completion for this innovative development. The park which was once the waste water treatment facility for the then vibrant Kantoher Creamery with its major  Dairy and Poultry business  has been redeveloped in recent years into  a modern integrated constructed wetlands accommodating numerous cells of lush reeds for natural waste water treatment, two wildlife lakes, walkways, two recreational water areas linked by the bridge  and a special amphitheatre area for outdoor events in the warmer months. The Bridge will mark a link between the work of the many former Kantoher employees in the past decades that worked tirelessly  at the facility to  this next generation of  Killeedy people  that will continue to grow and benefit from that earlier work on the upgraded facility. A recent grant under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructural Scheme 2019 to Kantoher Development Group will allow the next phase of development commence with a link up to the flood lit walkways on the local GAA facility to this new Eco Park creating a new major walking destination for the wider community. This work will commence in the earlier part of 2020 and should ultimately see people parking their cars at the GAA facility and having the ability to have a 5km off road walk on dedicated pathways through  GAA grounds and right around the nature reserve that is Killeedy Eco Park. Another smaller grant awarded to the group will be used to build two glasshouses in both villages and with the help of the Tidy Villages group and the local schools, a full planting of seeds of native flowers and trees will be put in place for this natural habitat. The facility is strictly off limits for shooting and hunting with wild duck, swan and other species now making their home in this wonderful resort. The area is still a construction site with final works on safety signs and life buoys to be added in preparation for an official opening before early Spring. Kantoher Development Group are always keen to hear of any new suggestions or welcome new members to the group, maybe a new year’s resolution to get involved in local community work might be on the list for some. Is faoi scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine.