Kilmallock school extension set for September completion

The new multi-million euro extension at Coláiste Iósaef in Kilmallock is on schedule for its completion date in September, writes John Barrett. Principal Noel Kelly this week lauded the work of the construction team as he looked forward to its completion. “The builders have done great work over the past few months, especially when you consider the terrible weather we have experienced, and they still hope to be finished on schedule”, he told the Vale Star.
The scale of the new 3,500 square metre extension is impressive, especially when one approaches it from the Limerick side of the town. It is bigger than the existing school, and, in fact, also larger than some of the new post-primary schools built in other counties around the country. The existing Coláiste Iósaef building will be painted once the extension is complete, and restoration work is to take place on the original sash windows, which date back to 1932.
The Kilmallock school will have capacity for 650 students when finished. The current enrolment is just under 440 students.
“Our students will be very fortunate when they return in September,” said Mr Kelly. “They will have lots of space, something we haven’t had in a long time due to increasing numbers over the past few years. The school also has big plans regarding new recreational and sporting facilities for its students, as well as making the school more accessible to the local community. A school is a place for learning, but it is also an important community resource for people in the area.”
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