Library exhibition highlights Mallow Sugar Factory

links with Czechoslovakia Did you know that engin-eers from Czechoslovakia designed Mallow Sugar Factory 80 years ago, and that the town’s small Czech community has direct links to the engineers who came to Mallow all those years ago? To celebrate this link, an exhibition titled ‘Mallow and the Czech Republic-Unexpected Links’ will open today Thursday in Mallow Library at 6pm, with special guest Allan Navratil doing the honours.

There will be a strong Czech flavour to proceedings in Mallow for the next few days, because as well as the Library exhibition, the award winning Jistebnik Youth Wind Orchestra from Prague will give several performances in the town, as well as taking part in the International Band Parade in Cork City on Saturday as part of Rebel Week. The 90-strong group arrived in Mallow yesterday, Wednesday, and were met by organiser Cllr Ronan Sheehan and local host families who have welcomed them into their homes until their return to the Czech Republic this Sunday.