The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is a component part of the standard Leaving Certificate at Mannix College. The two main components of the programme are, (1) preparation for the world of work, and (2) enterprise education. It involves a week of work experience in fifth year with a local employer and also it involves research into careers of interest to the student, as well as many other related activities. Many of the activities are compiled into a portfolio which is submitted for assessment for the Leaving Certificate. There is also a written exam at the end of sixth year.

As part of the programme students go on visits to industry and other organisations to get an insight into working life, and also invite visitors into the class to speak on various topics.

Just recently, fifth and sixth year students visited the FÁS training centre at Bishopstown, Cork. This included a presentation and overview of the various apprenticeships and also a tour of the very impressive facilities. The students and teachers who attended found it very interesting and informative and came away with an excellent insight into what FÁS has to offer. The students will now write up a report on the trip and submit it for evaluation.