Mary Reaches 100

Congratulations to Mary O’Brien, Ballinla, Freemount, and Coolnagranagh, Coachford, who celebrated her 100th birthday last Sunday, 2nd September, in the presence of her family, neighbours and wide circle of friends.
Mary, who was born Mary Gould in Dromina village in 1918, received her formal education at Dromina National School. Her first job was serving at ‘Paddy the Manager’s’ in Dromina. Later she married Denis O’Brien from Dromcollogher and they settled in Ballinla, Freemount. They were blessed with six wonderful children: Mary, Dan, Nancy, Jeremiah (Jerry), Jack and Denis. This family of O’Briens have contributed greatly to their respective parishes, have a great work ethic and show respect, loyalty, leadership and the dignity of work to all, an example they learnt in the home. Mary has always had a strong religious faith and her philosophy is that the glass is always half full. Mary continues to enjoy great health and reads the paper every day, listens to the radio and loves callers. She is full involved in the life of her family. Again Mary, we congratulate you on reaching 100 and wish you continued good health in the future, in the great care of your daughters Mary and Nancy and son in law Paddy.

A hundred years has gone today,
Since Mary Gould did come this way.
No finer lady, I have to say,
And I’m so glad, she’s my mammy.
‘Twas in Dromina she went to school
With eleven children and the odd old fool,
She worked at Kean’s for a bad old rate,
To get bread and butter and a slice of ‘mate’.
She used to dance at the penny hops
With Eugene O’Leary and poor John Copse.
She never smoked or drank red wine,
But fell in love with Dinny Brien.
A lovely man he was indeed
Who swept her clearly off her feet.
She has six children by this man,
Their finest son she called him Dan.
Another boy who had a purr,
That is why she called him Jer.
A little girl who took her fancy,
So this is why she called her Nancy.
Her eldest girl, whose name is Mary
Sometimes was a little fairy.
A baby boy who was a menace
So that is why she called him Denis.
And last to name is poor old Jack
Who often got a thump in the back.
She had hen chickens in the yard
While Danny Brien, the roads he tarred.
The buckets full that she did carry
From the well above ‘twas in Dave Barry’s
With plenty tea and currant cake
No better lady there was to bake.
So now she’s waiting for Michael D
To put that cheque upon her knee.
God bless you mother on your 100 year
You’ll mind your cheque, there is no fear.
Jack O’Brien