MECO announces 44 new jobs for Limerick

Limerick City and County Council has welcomed the announcement on Monday by Mechanical Equipment Company (MECO), a leading manufacturer of engineered equipment for water purification, that it will create 44 new jobs at its European headquarters in the National Technology Park in Limerick. Cllr. Liam Galvin, Mayor of Limerick City and County Council said the announce-ment “will help to build confidence in the local biopharmaceuticals sector, which is a key employer in Limerick and surrounding counties.”

Conn Murray, Chief Executive, Limerick City and County Council, said the news “sends a loud and clear message” to other multi-national and indigenous firms considering investing in Limerick or expanding their existing operations in the wider region.

“This announcement by Meco, following so soon after Uber’s decision to locate a key element of its operations in Limerick and other positive jobs ann-ouncements by Vistakon, Dell and, complements the council’s ongoing implementation of the Limerick 2030 strategy and the continued multi-agency efforts to promote the region’s growing status as an attractive investment location,” stated Mr. Murray. “Limerick City and County Council is committed to further developing and expanding its working relationship with regional development agencies such as Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. Such a collaborative approach is key to creating new employment opportunities in Limerick and attracting additional inv-estments into the wider region in the coming months and years.”