A new Children’s Services Centre commissioned by West Limerick Children’s Services and the Brothers of Charity Services Limerick is under construction in Newcastle West. The work on this new centre commenced in January and it is expected that this project will be completed in early 2014. The new Centre is located adjacent to the Desmond Complex, at the back of the Fire Station and Library in Newcastle West and the official turning of the sod took place last Monday.

West Limerick Children’s Services is a partnership between the Brothers of Charity Services Limerick and the Health Service Executive. West Limerick Children’s Services provides support to children from birth to completion of secondary school who have complex developmental needs or may have physical or sensory disability. In West Limerick there are currently 127 children receiving support from the Early Intervention Team and 205 children attend the School Age Team.

The new centre will enable West Limerick Children’s Services to provide support from one location in a more efficient manner, with rooms designated and appropriately fitted out for different disciplines. The additional space will also facilitate the provision of more group sessions which is an intrinsic part of providing services for children attending the School Age Team.

Funding for the building is from capital funding, provided primarily by the JP McManus Fund and also with the support of the HSE and the Brothers of Charity Services Limerick. This capital funding is separate from running costs of the service.

As there is a small shortfall in the budget for this building the Brothers of Charity Services Limerick has been in contact with a number of corporate businesses in the midwest region looking for support. The Lions Club in Newcastle West has kindly offered to support this project. West Limerick Children’s Services have also decided themselves to set up a fundraising committee to help organise some local fundraising activities.