Patrician Academy Student Council generously provides 45 hampers to the local community

Members of the student council and school staff have volunteered their time to help those who are truly in need. This year, we are delighted to announce that we have created food hampers for members of our community who otherwise may have struggled to put food on the table this Christmas. We wish those who receive the hampers a wonderful and joyous Christmas.
These hampers will be distributed across the Community by local organisations with links to those in need: The Cope Foundation, St. Vincent de Paul and Le Chéile. These organisations have formed an enduring relationship with the school, offering the benefit of these hampers directly to local beneficiaries.
The student council remains indebted to the generosity of the wider school community, who have offered their continued support to this initiative every year. Planning for this annual initiative is by no means a simple task. The first stage was to collect needed funds for the hampers and the council. The council organised a run and walk in the park and collected €2 from every student in the school but unfortunately due to the weather we had to postpone the run and walk. We hope to have it during the summer term.
In the past weeks, students and parents have been encouraged to offer what they could to the initiative. Donation boxes were established across the school to collect food. Posters were placed prominently and announcements were made pertaining to the collection.
At the beginning of December, T.Y. students packed and decorated the hampers. We would like to especially thank the Le Chéile and Cope foundation representatives, as well as Kevin Quilligan from St. Vincent de Paul, who collected the hampers for the deserving families. The Student Council would like to thank Michael Corbett for presenting the hampers and Ms. Glynn and Ms. O’Regan for their continued support.
However, these initiatives could not go ahead without the assistance of our school community and the families of the students in our school, who have offered donations to this noble cause. We would like to thank all of those who have donated food this year and in years prior, your contribution truly does have a direct impact on local families’ Christmas celebrations. Your generosity will always be remembered by the beneficiaries of this programme, whilst they cannot personally thank you, we thank you greatly for your generosity.