Sophie Rose Williamson writes her ‘Wishlist’

Sophie Rose Williamson, whose mother and family live in Mallow, has just published her new novel, ‘Wishlist.’ Following the success of earlier books like ‘Here Come the Girls,’ and while her writing is full of colourful characters and romance, the new book has a serious theme also, as the main character, Amber, is battling cancer. Amber is in love with Luke, and when cancer arrives she learns so many different ways to escape it. Her family is entertaining, realistic, and engaging when cancer arrives, and ‘Wishlist’ is full of emotion and might help some readers to cope with the news that their loved one has had the diagnosis.

As well as writing novels for a mature readership, Sophie has also created a children’s book, ‘Howl at the Moon,’ with the assistance of her children, Alex and Chris, and illustrator, Lauren Treacy. Wishlist is now available in Ireland at Waterstones nationwide. Its outstanding success in the USA, Europe and Asia ensures that it sells strongly online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and nearly every digital download site. To find out more visit Sophie Rose Williamsons website at