Sr. Bernadette Maria receives Mayor’s Award

Among the recipients of the Cork County Mayor’s (Cllr Frank O’Flynn) Awards at Cork County Hall last Tuesday night was Sr. Bernadette Maria of the Mercy Convent, Charleville. Nominated by local councillor Ian Doyle, the citation in the official programme read as follows: “Sr. Bernadette Maria has dedicated her life to Charleville and the surrounding areas as a teacher and rep promoting the historical and cultural of the Mercy Heritage Centre. She has promoted the arts, reading, poetry and writers’ groups”.
Sr. Bernadette Maria was appointed curator of the Mery Order’s Southern Provencial Heritage Centre in Charleville in November 2016. In the interim, through her excellent promotion work and networking, she has attracted more than seven thousand visitors to the centre to date. As well as conducting guided tours she enjoys taking visitors to see various places of interest in the town, and is always willing to facilitate researchers who visit the centre.
A native of Castlecor, the townland where Archbishop Croke was born, it is little wonder that she is an authority on the lives of the Croke family including the two Croke sisters, who joined the Mercy Convent in Charleville. She has delivered many lectures on the lives of the Crokes and their undertakings.
She visits several nursing homes. As well as chatting with the residents, she reads poems, demonstrates artefacts which takes them on a trip down Memory Lane, and with Sr. Joan she sings and plays music.
As a member of Charleville Hertiage Society since its foundation in 2014 and has worked tirelessly in the interests of the Mercy Order in enhancing their history and heritage, and that of Charleville town and area.
Since news of her award has become public, she has been recipient of many messages of congratulations on the prestigious accolade which has been bestowed on her. The members of Charleville Heritage Society, some of whom were present at County all on the night, also join in offering their colleague their congratulations, and thank her for continued involvement, and the contribution she makes to the Society.