The Limerick Visor and more …

Sam’s wife Miranda and daughter Shannyn models the new Limerick visor.

As the Covid 19 crisis continues, many local and national places of industry are being challenged. Coming up with various Health and Safety plans for the workplace is now more important than ever, but for many businesses, total strategies must change with the times. The measure of a good business brain has always been the ability to see an opening in the market, and to create an industry around it. Sam Foley and his crew in Total Plastic Solutions have done just that. They’re now making much needed PPE for frontline workers. I asked Sam about this newest venture.
“UL (University of Limerick), UHL (University Hospital Limerick), RIU (Rapid Innovation Unit) and Weener Plastics had been working on a prototype face shield. For prototyping purposes, they used 3 D printers – a slow process. We (Abbey Moulding Contractors Ltd and Total Plastic Solution Ltd) were approached to find a way to rapidly produce manufacturing quantities. As time was of the essence to supply our frontline workers with this critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) the staff at AMC and TPS set about designing an injection moulding tool to make this a reality. From concept, through design and tool manufacture then final approval from UL and UHL we worked tirelessly to be able to produce manufacturing quantities in 7 days. Immediately there was a 100,000 order from the HSE.
We also recycle plastic on-site and so a suitable recycled material was chosen to produce the ‘Limerick Visor’ – so it is produced from 100% recycle material.
The ‘Limerick Visor’ is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods.
Cancer affects many households in Ireland and with this in mind we have donated Visors to the Milford Hospice in Limerick and also to other care homes in our area.
With the success of the Limerick Visor – we have also aligned with Aqua Design in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. To design and build a robust, stainless touchless sanitiser dispenser. suitable for hospitals, shopping centres or even homes.
In these unprecedented times – I would like to thank all our staff for their continued hard work and dedication.”
At a time when a surge in the unemployment figures is expected to continue, it’s reassuring to know that Sam has fifty people in full employment. The Automotive side of the business is currently closed, but when government restrictions are lifted, he is hopeful of having all his staff reinstated. It is, without a doubt, manufacturers like Total Plastic Solutions and Abbey Moulding Contractors Ltd will play a vital role in getting our country back up and running again. The very fact that recycling is at the heart of the business bodes very well, not just for the industry but for the environment also. Wishing Sam and his team the very best in their new venture.