The Weekly Observer is 38 years old!

The Weekly Observer turned 38 years old in the past week. It was July 1983 when the first issue hit the shops, its mission statement being to cover all the news and happenings in West Limerick. As we get ever nearer to four decades of the weekly newspaper, we are happy and thankful to note that the Weekly Observer is an indispensable part of the communities of West Limerick, recording the highs and the lows, the happy and the sad.
In all of the past 38 years, no event has been as traumatic or surreal as the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March of last year, we have seen so many changes in our communities, but the one thing that has not changed is the support of you, our readers. We are happy to see that sales of your favourite local weekly remain at a high level, and that Wednesday is still Weekly Observer day in West Limerick. It is really heartwarming to see that our readers continue to support us so strongly, and we in turn promise that we will continue to bring you the best of the local news, information and photographs every Wednesday, as we have done since the beginning.
The editor and staff of the Weekly Observer would like to thank readers, advertisers, sporting and community organisations for continuing to place their trust in us, and we look forward to continuing to serve the local community for many years to come!