‘This is Lough Gur, the Jewel of an Antique Land’ book launch

Michael Quinlan leading a tour of Lough Gur.

A new guide to Lough Gur titled ‘This is Lough Gur, The Jewel of an Antique Land’ will be officially launched by professor of archaeology Rose Cleary in Reardon’s Bar Holycross this Saturday, 4th August at 7pm. The comprehensive volume includes history, archaeology, folklore, poetry and a number of time-honoured songs relating to Lough Gur.
The new publication is a response to requests from visitors and locals alike who repeatedly ask for a comprehensive guide to interpret the area. At present, Lough Gur tour guides bring the landscape to life, however, local and international visitors seek a printed keepsake and reference point. Although the history and archaeology of Lough Gur can be found scattered in journals and articles, and hidden within chapters of academic volumes, this new publication is an easily accessible and complete guide for both the avid archaeologist and the curious guest. Described by Michael Quinlan as “A record to treasure, ” he went on to state further that “this book not only includes history and archaeology, but the folklore, songs and poetry handed down through generations that is recorded forevermore in this exceptional new publication.”
Editors Áine Barry, Brian Collopy, George Finch and Kate Harrold have worked for many months, trawling through archives, referencing, cross-checking and meeting with locals to ensure that a broad and extensive range of topics are covered. Whether your interest relates to the environment, geology, facts, figures, mythical creatures or the mysteries associated with the Great Grange Stone Circle, this new publication offers a plethora of topics to explore. Choose to read from cover to cover, or dip between the pages to uncover the unknown truths that will leave you wanting to read more.
‘This is Lough Gur, The Jewel of an Antique Land’ has answered the long and burning question that everyone asks when they visit – what is it about Lough Gur that makes it such a special place? As you leap from stories of Fer Fí King of the Fairies, to accounts of how and why monumental and megalithic structures were built, it becomes clear that Lough Gur is hidden gem – but not for much longer. With over 1,000 ancient sites in a 5km radius, and recognised as the only site in Ireland where continuous habitation of mankind exists from the very beginning to modern day times, This is Lough Gur introduces you to the magic of this site of international significance as ‘The Jewel of an Antique Land.’ We invite you to explore and understand through the verses and paragraphs weaved for your enjoyment. This new publication is dedicated to Michael Quinlan for his outstanding contribution to Lough Gur.