Tidy Towns news

Five of our volunteers were out at 8.00am on Saturday morning doing a litter pick and general clean-up of Hibernian Way, the laneway across the Main street from the Hibernian Hotel. The volunteers all agreed that the early start was a worthwhile exercise, so we are going to add this to our meeting times every week. We began at 8am and were finished by 9am when we had some light refreshments at our new HQ, a shop unit at Hibernian Way, very generously offered to us by our friends at McDonald’s.

The next gang started at 10.30am and made their way to the flower beds on the Cork road where weeding and tidying was done until the heat got the better of us!

The bridge regeneration project is paying dividends and, we hope you’ll agree, is looking rather well. Huge thanks to all those who gave selflessly of their time over the past number of weeks to help. It could not have been done without you.

Unfortunately, litter is again becoming a big problem for us. Disappointingly, we will have to cut back on our painting, planting, weeding and other projects for the moment to bring this under control. Mallow Town Council will not allow us to do any work on the Main Street, but we will focus on the laneways and car parks instead. If everyone did their part by bringing their litter home or placed it in the bins provided it would allow us to concentrate on our long list of planned projects to improve our town. Please lead by example and do your bit to improve the appearance of our historic and picturesque town, your town. We can all make a difference. What can you do today to help?

Please see our sign at the bridge for meeting point info, check our website (www.mallowtidytowns.weebly.com) or follow us on Facebook for updates.