Tidy Towns Update

Last Tuesday night, Mallow Tidy Towns volunteers did a litter pick along both sides of Ballydaheen, around Foleys, Knights and Lower Summerhill. On Saturday morning, the ‘Heavy Gang’ worked again on the area near the funeral home – and finished it. That is the first phase of the improvements at Bowling Green completed. We used several layers of old newspapers, including the Mallow Star!, to form a weed barrier which works very well. As well as being eco-friendly, it is a very responsible way to re-cycle yesterday’s news! Tommy tipped the stones out and the boys spread them. While this was happening, three ladies freshened up the tree planter boxes at the bridge and two other volunteers varnished the historical mural at Bridge Street. We had commented that the area was staying remarkably litter-free since the make-over. What we didn’t realise was that Mick and Lil Cremin from Cremin Cycles, Bridge Street have been cleaning there every Monday morning and during the week. They will also ensure the trees are watered, and the planters touched up with preservative when necessary. Sincere thanks, guys. This is the kind of community involvement that we encourage and are pleased to assist.

Our meeting point this Saturday morning at 10.30am is in the Bowling Green car park near the leisure centre. To receive SMS updates to your phone, please text your name to 087 635 9944, find us on Facebook or check our website www.mallowtidytowns.weebly.com for news, photos and updates.