Two Cork men launch an online website to help people fight climate change

Adam Hynes (left) in Leiden, the Netherlands, and John Kelleher (right) in Cork, working remotely during the pandemic.

Fighting climate change may seem out of reach for many people, but the team at want to change that by making it easy for everybody to take action. Adam Hynes and John Kelleher were very concerned about climate change but, like a lot of people, they didn’t know where to start. As new dads, the two Cork men knew they needed to help in the fight, if not for themselves, then for their two sons, so they launched to help everybody start their fight against climate change.
The Offsetter platform provides a simple and intuitive way for individuals and businesses to calculate, offset and reduce their carbon foot-print. ‘Carbon footprint’ is the term for the greenhouse gases generated by the day-to-day activities of a person or business. Each individual or business on the platform can keep track of their monthly carbon footprint, and they can quickly see if and how their actions are helping to reduce their carbon footprint and offset it accordingly. The lower the carbon footprint, the lower the contribution to climate change.

Launched on 21st April 2021, as of 11th of May 2021, the Offsetter community had offset 20 tonnes of carbon; this is equivalent to: Not driving 4.3 passenger cars for a year; Charging 2.4 million smartphones; the carbon removed by growing 14 football pitches of forest for 1 year; The 20 tonnes of carbon offset has been invested in Gold Standard certified projects, the Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Programme, Nicaragua, the Ceará Renewable Energy Project in Brazil, and Cleaner Cook Stoves in Rwanda. The Offsetter community already has a global presence with community members signing up from six different countries.

The Offsetter story
Adam Hynes, originally from Buttevant, and John Kelleher, from the Model Farm Road in Cork, met while studying Software Development in Cork Institute of Technology (now Munster Technological University). Together they have 30 years of combined experience building and launching software products across the world. They have successfully built solutions that connect people and give them access to tools that they need to help solve their problems. They knew they could use their skills to help others take action.
In the future they hope to build the Offsetter community throughout the world, reduce their carbon footprint, work with climate change projects and climate groups, all with the goal of beating climate change and preserving this planet for our generation and all the generations to follow.