Water supply problem leaves Kennel Hill high and dry!

Better communication between Irish Water and the public is needed, according to a local councillor, after large areas of Kennel Hill were left without water last weekend. Cllr Jerry Mullally told the Mallow Star that the water supply was cut off at 3pm last Saturday, but despite several phone calls to Irish Water and Cork Co. Council, the problem wasn’t sorted until 12 noon on Sunday.

“There should be better communication between Cork Co. Council and Irish Water,” said the councillor, who said he couldn’t understand why the two organisations don’t use the media to inform people of the situation.

Cllr Mullally claimed he rang Irish Water on Saturday, only to be told that they operate Monday to Friday only, and he then phoned the council emergency number, and details were taken, but the problem still wasn’t dealt with. “I know that Irish Water only took over from the Council recently, and accept that there can be teething problems, but the public deserve to be told. If they have to pay for water from now on, they should get a better service,” he said.